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I'm selling a flight rising account. 
Price: £10 [PayPal only]

I haven't played the game at all, meaning the account is completely new, still giving you a chance to create your first dragon (choosing it's element, etc)

Please comment here if you're willing to buy it. I will then note you with my email address (for you to send the money) and the username/password.

You are then free to do whatever you want with the account.
Before anyone asks, yes you can change the username and password of the account once you buy it. 
Guess I will start taking commissions for real money now. Not much to say really. The reason why is for real money is because I'm quite busy with school exams (well, school in general). But these won't be too pricey.

Ken Sugimori Style Pokemon Drawings

Original Pokemon drawing of your choice:
  Pikachu by iLikki Victini by iLikki Palkia by iLikki
Price: £3.00 [Normal and shiny version drawings (2 in total)]

Pokemon Sona (OC) drawing:
Zain by iLikki Flygonite by iLikki Fio the Drifloon by iLikki
Price: £4.50 [Normal and shiny version drawings (2 in total)]

Chibi Human Drawings

Ferid by iLikki
Price: £5.00 [for one chibi]
[more to be added]

Please note me if you're interested.
PayPal Payments only. 
So, I've decided to collect points to get myself a month premium ship here. I've been rotting here with 3 points for quite a while now haha.

I don't really know how exactly I'll be getting these points, but I'll be uploading adoptables from time to time, so if you are interested, please help me out. I would appreciate it a lot! ♥

I'm not the best at drawing 'dogs', so I'm hoping my style will gradually improve as I upload the adoptables. 
I think it's finally safe to say that I will be more active than I've been usual. Apart from that, I have decided to have a fresh start. I deleted over 400 of my old drawings and updated my profile slightly. 

A little has changed I guess. I've finally got a tablet, meaning I will be drawing and uploading stuff a lot more often. I will be drawing mostly Pokemon, and maybe some anime characters. Well - maybe some other stuff. Who knows.